Comic Book Review : Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown



Do you like monster mash-up movies where the antagonist of the story is a 200 ft. creature that bulldozes itself through the city destroying everything in its path? If the answer is yes, then the comic book that I’ll be reviewing is just for you. I came across this little gem at the 2015 Long Beach Comic Expo. What I’m talking about here is a self-published comic book named Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown written by Keith Foster and drawn by Rory Smith. Foster developed a story that is refreshing as it stands away from the norm of comic books that star super-heroes and villains. This story involves a conspiracy surrounding the origin of the monster and it’s original purpose, but more than that Kodoja is rampaging through the city causing havoc and destruction. Beyond that, there is a level of fallout that goes farther than physical damage, but brings to light those that are responsible for this creature that has somehow awakened on it’s own. Then things get complicated when those people realize that Kodoja is somehow learning and going beyond its original designs. I only have one regret about buying issue one of this comic, which is that issue one is the only part of the story I have. I’m looking forward to getting a hold of the rest of the issues and finishing the story. There’s more! The comic can stand-alone but Foster wanted to take his creation to a new level. He also created a soundtrack for the comic that adds a feel of seventies jazz to that brings the world of Kodaja to life in a fantastic style. I had a chance to listen to the soundtrack first at the show and it definitely brings a cinematic feel to Kodoja. I really recommend checking this out if you get a chance.

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