“The Stone Legacy” is a science fiction/ super-hero comic book.  The entire story revolves around the main character Jacob Stone and his family. Jacob discovers, one day, that he must take over a family duty passed down from father to son. He has to protect a mysterious object called “The Pyramid.” With that, Jacob is given super powers to protect it and which allows him to become the hero known as “The Guardian,” the name which was once held by his own father.  With the help of his closest loved ones, he must discover what his newfound duty and abilities mean for himself and what it means for the world.

Production of The Stone Legacy began in late 2006 with the inception of the ‘Inheritance’ storyline.  The six-issue arc has been a labor of love for Gavin who has worked tirelessly with his production team to bring this world to life.  Though it has taken years to produce, the end of the first story is nearing its end with a projected release of issue six of Fall 2014. After that, the adventures of Jacob Stone and his family will continue with issue seven and onward. This will include short stories and bonus comic pages to be released in the hidden location on the website called “The Vault.”   There is currently “The Stone Legacy” novels in production as well as a spin-off comic book titled “Equinox” that will explore darker themes within this universe.