Meet The Team


Gavin Andazola is the writer/creator of “The Stone Legacy.” He enjoys watching movies, dramatic television and reading comic books. His favorite elements of each genre influence his writing style.  He began creating his own comics at the age of thirteen and decided to gain a background in Literature and English at Cal State Fullerton. Characters created by Marv Wolfman, Joss Whedon and, most recently, the writings of Scott Snyder, Joe Hill, inspire Gavin.  He is currently a student of the martial art style, Shaolin chuan Fa, where he is pursuing a first-degree black belt.  It is with discipline he has learned there, that Gavin is able to focus his drive and desire to bring to life the many characters he creates.  He is intent on expanding his universe so that it transcends genre boundaries.

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Raquelle Sherratt-Andazola was first introduced to comic books 7 years ago when she read issue #1 of The Stone Legacy. While she may own most of the Garfield strip collections, The Stone Legacy was the first time she became interested in the world of comic books. Her knowledge and experience working in the print industry spans over 10 years and she strives to ensure the highest quality of the printed materials. Her collaboration also includes maintaining color consistency for every issue printed. She is currently working towards her B.A in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Fine Arts. During her spare time she enjoys watching movies and T.V. shows and loves playing console video games like Assassian’s Creed and anything produced by Rockstar Games.


Harsho Mohan Chattoraj is a graphic novelist and illustrator based in Kolkata, India. He’s worked in the comics medium for seven years, on individual projects and for clients in India, the UK, and the US. His comics published in 2009 include Operation Military and Charlz of Marz, both published in the US, and Around the Swiss World in 20 Days, published in India and Switzerland. Harsho also has work experience as a journalist, visualizer, storyboard artist, voice-over artist, and promo producer, but has always been a fan of comics, since his first dosage of Asterix at the wee age of five.


Morgan Andersen, Public Relations Director for “The Stone Legacy.” She began with the team back in 2013 bringing with her many new and fresh ideas. Lover of all things movies, literature and comics, Morgan has a keen eye for the latest trends and loves connecting with people and making them feel as much apart of her projects as possible. Her drive and enthusiasm makes her a vital part of the team.

Morgan joins “The Stone Legacy” team lending her expertise in social media, web design and marketing furthering the outreach of the comic book series. She obtained her two Bachelor’s degrees in English and Communications from Cal State Fullerton.