Comic Book Review: The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1n1


I have mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good story. That being said, story endings are my true weakness.  A good ending can be very hard to write so when I watch or read a story that has a clean and powerful ending that sells me, I’ll always care about it. For that matter, there was a mini series called Infinite Crisis that spanned across the entire DC multiverse. In the end, my favorite Flash, the one I grew up with, Wally West, gave up his life to help save everything from the villain ‘Superboy Prime.’ He did so by pushing him into the Speedforce, the source of the Flash’s power, with the help of JayGarrick and Bart Allen who are also speedsters. Afterwards, Wally was gone and so apparently was the Speedforce...

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Comic Book Review: The Flash 50


I’m definitely in a Flash mood after watching the season finale of the T.V series. So I decided to make June centered on The Flash. All month long I’m going to relive with you how the ‘fastest man alive’ inspired my comic book creativity by sharing my favorite issues of all time. I’ve already discussed issue 1 in a commentary previously so moving past that, I want to share another one of my favorite issues of all time: The Flash #50. The comic series at this point starred Wally West as the “Scarlet Speedster” being that Barry Allen had died to save the world. The events leading to this point had Wally battling the villain Vandal Savage (the same Savage that is the villain DC’s Legends of Tomorrow TV show)...

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Comic Book Review: Bloodshot Reborn

What I’m Reading right now: Bloodshot Reborn


I previously wrote a two-part review of Bloodshot, both as an influence when I was younger and how I liked it when it was later rebooted by Valiant Comics. Well…consider this part 3: Bloodshot Reborn. Bloodshot has taken to a new direction and I’m happily along for the ride. As of right now, this is one of my favorite titles. So what’s the what you say? To get the character’s entire story, you need to read a story called “The Valiant.” This story ends with (SPOILER ALERT) Bloodshot turning human once again by a young woman with fantastic powers named Kay. Bloodshot failed to save her life yet she left him a parting gift. Since then is no longer bound by the ‘nanites’ in his blood, but it also means that he is completely mortal...

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Comic Book Review: Captain America 450


In the upcoming movie: Captain America 2: Civil War, Captain America finds himself at odds with the U.S. Government separated by two different ideals. This is not the first time this character has come to be outside the U.S. Government’s good graces. I remember a particular issue that had a shocking cover, one so much that I had to have a look inside. I don’t have very many favorite stories that center on Steve Rogers, but this one is a story that I’m glad that I didn’t’ miss. Captain America issue # 450, written by Mark Waid, has a shocking event that sets forth Steve Rogers on a manhunt to find out who has framed him for treason.   The result being that Steve Rogers has been stripped of his status as Captain America and exiled from the United States of America...

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Comic Book Review: Chronointel


Indie comics are known for several things.

  1. They are done by regular people who have a passion for comics but do not have backing from a major publisher.
  2. The storylines are not as tight as the mainstream comics are.

This week’s review is on a new indie comic from Jason Beckwith. I recently met Mr. Beckwith at the Long Beach Comic Expo in February. When I came upon his booth, the cover of this comic stood out to me. Mr. Beckwith explained that this particular comic of his was about time travel but with out what is traditionally thought as time travel. I was intrigued. So I purchased the first issue of the series and here are my thoughts on it.

The premise of the comic is an ex-military man, who is unhappy with his life contemplates ending it when a visitor sent by his future self arri...

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Comic Book Review: Black Widow #1


Natasha is back!! Now before we continue lets get caught up. We now have new writers and artists for this series. After the last series came to a close, with Nat returning home after supposable having killed her best friend, we now enter in to a chaotic scene where Nat has now become an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The dialogue is very minimal in this first issue, leaving the reader guessing as to what sparked Nat becoming an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D. But the lack of dialogue does not take away from the comic at all; the art steps in to fill the gap and missing pieces. Page after page is filled with action and Nat trying to out run other agents. It truly feelings like you are watching a movie instead of reading a comic...

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Comic Book Review: The Walking Dead #100


There have been only a handful of stories that I have read that by the time I reached the last page and closed the book, I was left affected and changed. These are my favorite stories. They are the ones that I savor every time I go back to them (and I always do with these ones). These are the stories that the writer truly struck a chord deep inside of my mind and have me pondering on the event days after I experienced it. That being said, even fewer of these stories have been comic books. I’m used to the basic good versus evil in its various forms. The dead heroes always come back and the adventures are truly endless. The exception to that is The Walking Dead #100. Written by Robert Kirkman, the comic book itself is already different in its structure and storytelling...

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Comic Book Review: Batman 1


Now I want to finish off the Superman and Batman themed month with my favorite Batman experience ever: Batman #1. It begins the terror-filled arc that tells the story of “The Court of Owls.” This journey is headed by writer Scott Snyder and penciled by Greg Capullo as part of DC’s New 52 brand. Together these two artists bring out what Batman stories should be like. In this story, we are reminded of the world that these characters inhabit. Gotham city has become a soulless haven for the worst criminals. Batman investigates a murder with three interesting clues: daggers with owls etched on them, the message “Bruce Wayne will die tomorrow” and DNA samples that lead to the murderer being Dick Grayson...

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Comic Book Review: Batman/Superman


One of my favorite incarnations of Superman and Batman teaming up began in 2003 with the self-titled Superman/Batman issue 1. I remember actually counting down the days until its release. Jeph Loeb who is a well-known name in comics as well as Hollywood initially wrote this title.   He has actually written more stories that I enjoy than I am able to list. When I found out that he was writing and the art was going to be covered by an equally as popular illustrator Ed McGuiness, I was hooked before I held issue 1 on my hands.

The first thing that I noticed when turned to the first page was the duel-narration. The story was told through the eyes of both heroes simultaneously. It gave two opposing viewpoints that showed the contrast and comparisons of how they both came into the world...

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Comic Book Review: Superman: Red Son


I have read many issues of Superman over the years. I’ve seen his origin and his death. The character continues to live on and take part in the battle against the forces of evil amongst many villains. There are stories by many writers that are good and that are great. Then there is the occasional story that is phenomenal. There is one such story that can be described as such. It’s one of my favorite Superman tales of all time takes place as an Elseworlds story. This means that the story doesn’t fit in within the normal continuity of the monthly editions and is basically occurs in an alternate reality. Superman: Red Son takes place over three issues was meticulously crafted by veteran writer Mark Millar and tells a “what if” tale...

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