Comic Book Review: Darth Maul #1


“Fear. Anger. Hate. These mark the steps along the path to the Dark Side. These are the weapons of the Sith.” The first words uttered by Darth Maul, the main character of the new Star Wars series: Darth Maul, set the tone for this first issue.  With an eagerness to shed Jedi blood and spread his code throughout the galaxy, Darth Maul trains, he hunts, and he taunts Jedi’s from the shadows. The time for reveal has not yet passed and his master has much for him to do in the meanwhile. These events take place before those in the Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace. he story begins after a particularly brutal training session against a pair of deadly creatures called Rathtars. After which, Darth Sidious sends Darth Maul on a necessary task to uphold his various affairs with the “Trade Federation”, which he does with skill and precision, however, Darth Maul allows himself to be sidetracked by his bloodlust. After gaining “intel”, he races to save a Jedi Padawan being held captive, a mission with an obvious ulterior motive.
I don’t normally read Star Wars comics, the only exceptions being those that pique my interest. I am, though, a fan of Darth Maul.  This comic is exactly the portrait that I would expect created for this character. He’s had a limited lifespan in the movies that extended in the Clone Wars cartoon series along with other “non-canon” works. This story follows the new canon. I enjoyed this first issue and plan on reading the future installments as long as they hold to this level of storytelling.

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