Comic Book Review: Gates of Midnight

Gates of Midnight

Last weekend, at the Long Beach Comic Book Convention, I was able to look around at the various indie comics that other creators had to offer. There were many to choose from, so much that I had a hard time deciding which I’d like to take home and read. I finally made a few choices that I think I will enjoy. One of those comics that I was happy enough to take home with me is a book called Gates of Midnight by writer/ creator D Lynn Smith. I mowed through the first issue right away. I really enjoyed it. Smith puts together a fascinating world and immediately presents a mythology and back-story that gets us moving right away in this fast paced story. What is that story? Well, I won’t give anything away, but it begins with a young woman named Raven, a former combat medic, who heads back home to live with her father. After experiencing a tragedy, she is pulled into a world unlike any she has ever known. It’s part of the mythology that Smith introduces us to through Raven’s eyes. And other parts through mysterious characters. It seems that there are gateways to other dimensions. Monsters enter Raven’s world through those gateways. There are “Gatekeepers” and there are “Warriors.” They battle these monsters. Just how exactly Raven fits into everything remains to be seen. However, I think it’s safe to say that whatever happens will be pretty awesome. Gates of Midnight is a supernatural-thriller with tons of action. I’m very fascinated by the concept and I’m equally as excited to find out where Raven’s adventure leads. If you can get a hold of this title, I suggest you pick it up.

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