Comic Book Review: Supreme Power

I don’t use the term “epic” very loosely, in fact I believe that it’s an overused adjective that takes strength from the overall meaning of the word. That being said… this week i’m going to discuss a particular comic book that i think IS  truly “epic.”.  That comic: Supreme Power.
In essence, it’s a bold retelling of Superman and The Justice League only this isn’t sugar-coated and it isn’t for kids. In the opening pages you realize that this isn’t the old story of an alien baby crash landing on earth and being raised by an older farm couple. It seems to start out that way until the government breaks down the door searching for what was in the ship. From then on Mark Milton, as they named him, was property of the US Government. He’s raised behind a fence with government placed actors posed as his parents.  What happens when his powers grow as he does and he learns the truth.   The story doesn’t end there though. There are others with powers he encounters.  A speedster, an ancient princess who came from the same planet as Mark, a dark vigilante, an air force pilot who wields a stone that was the power source for Milton’s ship, and an aquatic female that was affected before birth at the time of the ships arrival.  Sound familiar? Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t matter. This comic holds up on its own merits.
All in all, this comic book, penned by the awesome J. Michael Straczynski  for the Marvel Max imprint, was a rated R version of DC Comics’ top characters.   It seems to be rooted in the most real life world aspects as is possible for the comics medium.   It’s also one of my sources for inspiration for the upcoming spin-off to The Stone Legacy: Equinox.  I enjoy the dark tone of the story that is expressed through events that could never be shown in mainstream comics.  I have gone back and reread the story at times. What i take from it each time is something different and it always inspires me.

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